T uber com account disabled что делать

Uber is the app that creates a platform for passengers and drivers, to book cab or taxi on mobile phones. If the account of Uber is disabled. Re-activation of your UBER account will rely upon various variables – the central issue is, the reason would it say it was deactivated in any case? The reasons may be:

  • Fraud and violation of the terms and conditions.
  • Wrong credit card details.
  • Being Logged on multiple phones.
  • Two different accounts in single phone claiming credits.
  • Using same bank account in multiple Uber accounts to claim credits.
  • Using the same email for multiple.

Some other Reasons for Disabled Uber Account

  • If it was a direct result of deceitful exchanges then the odds of reactivation are low. UBER is extremely specific about deceptive accounts.
  • If this is a direct result of some other reason than I would suggest reaching UBER by means of its site clarifying in detail the circumstance and generally they ought to reactivate your record.
  • It may also be that you have two accounts on the same device and one of the accounts is under the referral code of the other.
  • Your account phone number and Paytm phone number is different.
  • Last but not the least one of the reason may be due to nonpayment of charges.

Video- What Happens If You Get Deactivated From Uber Driving?

Solution to Reactivate Disabled Uber Account

If your Uber account disabled on the basis of fraud you can only imagine about the reactivation. There are very fewer chances of your account being deactivated.

To recover your account, you have to explain the situation to the Uber customer support by email at support@uber.com.

You have to provide them any Identity card issued by the government to get your account activated and Keep the subject “My account was suspended” Even you can post on their Facebook page and Twitter to resolve problems. See here, How to contact Uber Customer Services?

If they are convinced, your account will be reactivated. There are some tips to reactivate your account.

Tip No 1 to Reactivate Disabled Uber Account

1. Sign up by visiting the Uber website, https://get.uber.com/new-signup/ using any one of your friend’s number and a new email ID.

2. Then download Uber app from iTunes or Google Play.

3. Using the same friend’s mobile number open Uber account.

4. After receiving and confirming OTP, you need to tap on forget password option.

5. Now the password reset link will be sent to your email ID. Then change the password.

6. Now open the app, and log in with the username and password and tap on the three-line menu at the top.

7. Then go to Settings.

8. tap on the thumbnail shown at the top.

9. Tap on the mobile number shown.

10. Now enter your own number which was disabled.

11. you will be again sent the OTP and confirm it.

12. Now you have reactivated your banned Uber account.

Tip No 2 to Reactivate Disabled Uber Account

Sometimes problem can be solved by, leaving your account idle for two months and after that sign up using the same number, your account will be reactivated.

In conclusion, Uber is very strict when it comes to banning accounts. So the best way to avoid disabling is to maintain your bank account, email address, and other details only for your account.

Tip No 3

If you want to reactivate your Uber account that has been disabled, you have to install the Uber app again. The app will ask you to enter your personal details, in order to access your account on Uber back.

1. Open Uber app: On your smartphone, open the applications section. You will see the black colored logo of the official Uber app. Tap on that to launch the Uber app.

2. Enter mobile number:The Uber app will now open. Here, you will have to enter the mobile number with which you are registered with Uber.

3. Get verification SMS: After entering your mobile number, tap on the black colored button on the bottom right corner of the phone screen. By doing this, you will get your verification SMS. This verification SMS is necessary to activate your Uber account.

4. Enter verification code:When you provide your phone number, you will get an Uber verification code on SMS on your phone. Enter this verification code on the Uber app to reactivate your account.

5. Tap on can’t sign in: Now, if you don’t remember your password, or are unable to access your account, you have a number of options below. Tap on ‘I can’t sign in’ option to start the process to reactivate your Uber account.

6. Select your problem: After you tap on that, you will see another set of options under the ‘Can’t sign in’ section. Here, tap on the ‘I can’t sign in to my account’ option.

7. Enter personal details:After you express your problem to Uber, a new page will open. Here, you will have to enter your personal details to reactivate your Uber account. Enter your First last name and the phone number associated with your Uber account. Also, enter your email id that is linked to your Uber account.

8. Enter screenshot and trip details: The Uber app will now require you to upload a screenshot of the error due to which you are unable to access your Uber account. In order to access your account, you have to describe your two recent Uber trips on the app. This helps Uber to verify whether it is really your account.

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9. Tap on ‘Submit’: After entering your personal details, confirm that you are not a robot by tapping on the tick mark. After this confirmation, tap on the blue ‘Submit’ button at the bottom.

10. Get verification code: When you have submitted your details, Uber will send you a verification mail to your personal email id, which is linked to the Uber account. This mail confirms that you own this Uber account. In order to verify your account, you must confirm that this account belongs to you within the next 24 years.

If you follow all these steps correctly, you will get a verification mail that will help you to access your Uber account. Once you reactivate your account, login to Uber with the new password that you have created.

Tip No 4

If nothing works then the best solution is you should create new uber account using a different mobile number.

How to prevent disabling of your Uber account?

  1. You should avo >The worst case, your account gets disabled when you don’t pay for the ride. Avoid this situation.

The next time you or anyone around you face such problems, these simple steps will help you along.

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Shubhreet Randhawa says

I am trying to book a cab but it’s showing that my number 783824**** is already in use. Please, could you help me as it’s very inconvenient I’m unable to book my cab?

Minha conta foi. Desativada como Faso para perdi ativa novamente

My name is Irfan Ali. my I’d is block please open my Id I did the mistake. I am apologizing. plz

minha conta foi desabilitada como recuperar, foi desabilitada sem nenhuma explicação, no caso fui usar o app e acabei perdendo meu horário por que estava desabilitado, acabei sendo lesada, tremenda falta de responsabilidade com seus usuários .

Jarrett Sotolongo says

Hello I’m carillion New Zealand visiting from Los Angeles. And when I tried to set up my first Uber ride from Auckland Airport it wouldn’t let me for some reason. So I created a new account in New Zealand at the airport. However now I am having problems signing in with that account. And I am stranded here looking for a ride to the airport please get back to me at your earliest convenience

My account is deactivated don’t know why….

Tere Garibay says

Hello, I am from Mexico.
My account was disabled without reason. I remember that I was asked to write my whole name. I did not for security reasons.
You, my Friends of Uber, already have all the information about me, but I don’t want the conductors to know my name, because it’s dangerous.
I hope you understand my position and reopen my account.
Thank you very much, and have a nice day,

Mine, Id roopaksai2344@gmail.com is blocked.
I don’t know why

Ashes Kumar Sarkar says

I am trying to use uber for first time surprisingly showing your account disabled once I enter my number. How I can fix this problem?

Support@uber.com does not work. You have to use help.uber.com

I have a problem during a visit to Malaysia that the drivers do not determine the location well and therefore can not reach to me the cause of the interruption of service

Facing Account disabled issue.
Please help me on the same.

Ahmadzai nabi says

Hello i am from france i am a ubereat driver and tried to open my account but its not opening they wrote me your acount are currently disabled so plz hep me to open my id.

Tiara Mccleod says

My uber account had been deactivated for some time and i have no clue why

Chudi Chukwuelue says

Hey Tiara has anyone contacted you yet?

Chudi Chukwuelue says

My account is currently disabled on uber eats can I please know why and how do I get it reinstated

Jps Shergill says

My Uber Account was deactivated.
I have no idea why.
Help me re-activate

K Padma Jagadish says

My uber account is deactivated
I don’t know the reason
Please activate

Nisha nieves says

I cant sign to my uber account its saying its disabled i did nothing wrong i need to get home from work tonight.

Surajit Samaddar says

I can’t sign to my uber account it’s saying its disabled.plz help me for reactive.

I am a first time Uber customer. My very first trip specified when my driver would be at my pick-up location. The driver never showed up and when I tried to see the time and location when the driver would arrive I saw that my account had been deactivated. I don’t understand why and would like another opportunity to have an uber passenger experience. I’ve been told it’s faster and quicker than hailing most cabs and was looking forward to see for myself. Unfortunately I didn’t get that chance. Is there anything Uber can do to lift the restriction and reactivate my account.

Loretta Young says

Please reactivate my account it was disabled for no reason thank you …

Hamisa maalim zaja says

My phone went off 2 weeks ago.
And after buying a new phone my uber is not working at all. I have tried all ways. I have a disability and I use uber all the way.
Kindly open it for me.

Vinod dugar says

Please opend my account I don’t know why my account disable

Loretta Young says

Please help me I really like for my Account to be reopen I can’t get in my Account please someone Help me … Thank you

Your account is currently disabled. Visit t.uber.com/account-disabled for more information.

Loretta Young says

I like my account to be back open for Uber Delivery Food as Uber Eats thank you …

Loretta Young says

Please open my account …

Loretta Young says

Please activate my account again please and why I keep can’t get in my account … Thank you very much …



Ravindra Chouhan says

Hello Sir/Mam My name is Ravindra Chouhan.i am an uber driver and work with ubereats more then 8 month .but unfortunaitlly my account has been rejected.i will explain all incident that happened with me.
On 15 august 2019 i was logged in and one trip come from me i am going to resturents and wait for the order 25 minits.after taking the parcel i could not started trip and the option is that show is 1.cancel delivery 2.navigate i am calling to customer support and they are confrensinng to customer and customer indicate the direction and successfully deliverd order.but after some times approx.11 am and 4th trip.my account should be on hold for temprarry.I was shocked and i will call customer support and they ask to me don’t worry sir for maintance of app your account was hold you can going customer seva kendra and can go online easily.next day i am going to customer seva kendra.and thease are resolve my account i am thanks to him but same day after working and 5 trip my account was rejected and i was going again but i was late the office has closed.next day 17 august again i am going to customer seva kendra and told him to this schechvation .now thease think for sometimes and say to me your account has rejected permanently by company and the reason is delivery issue you not deliverd the order at delivery place i am asking to sir.sorry sir thus is not happen to me i am very loyal and honestly with uber and happy with uber and again think and saying to your cancellation rate is to high but i am doing to do this work on part time basis …
So My REQUEST to uber plss activate my account i am not doing any fault with company there after i am started work again with uber ..thank you ubereats.

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Jopheenya Reynolds says

I was a victim of phone Thief and now my account is disabled

Пользовалась приложением около года, без проблем, всё устраивало. Пока в один момент не удалось зайти в приложение, аккаунт был отключен, с рекоменданицией обратиться в поддержку Uber. Ок, написала на сайте обращение с вопросом о причине блокировки, оставила контакты и вот их ответ:

Imagine logging into your Uber driver app to be greeted with the dreaded, “Your partner account has been disabled” message. This nightmare scenario has sadly come true for many rideshare drivers, especially in New York.

Uber used to let drivers appeal their suspension, and would reactivate the Uber account once driver admitted to wrongdoing and promised to amend their behavior. But Uber has become stricter and is giving out more permanent bans than second chances.

Uber Account Disabled? 7 Reasons Why You Might be Deactivated

1. Risking your passenger’s safety with reckless driving

Uber will deactivate your account if they receive feedback from riders citing a violation of Uber’s community guidelines. Here’s what to remember:

  • Follow your local traffic laws
  • Buckle up
  • Don’t text and drive
  • Leave guns at home
  • Don’t exceed the speed limit
  • Use a phone or GPS mount if you need one for navigation
  • Don’t drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol

If you get deactivated for a safety issue, take a moment and try to remember if you actually broke a law. If you are certain that you didn’t, you can use an organization like Independent Drivers Guild (IDG) to make an appeal to Uber.

A friend of mine who volunteers with the IDG represented a driver who had been deactivated, not by Uber, but by another competing company in New York. This driver claimed to have no idea why he got deactivated.

If you get a message like this – STOP doing whatever it is they’re warning you about! You will be at risk of permanent deactivation if you continue.

If you get a message like this – STOP doing whatever it is they’re warning you about! You will be at risk of permanent deactivation if you continue.

They visit the company’s local office to talk to a representative who states that the driver was permanently deactivated because he had received 16 complaints about texting while driving, another 14 complaints about reckless/unsafe driving, and seven more reports for speeding– all in the last 30 days.

Upon hearing this, instead of admitting his mistake, the driver called the passenger a liar. The problem was that it wasn’t just one passenger who reported him, there were 16!

The next warning after this one will be this driver’s last. If this driver doesn’t contact Uber immediately, he will be permanently deactivated.

The next warning after this one will be this driver’s last. If this driver doesn’t contact Uber immediately, he will be permanently deactivated.

Whether it be Uber, Lyft or any other rideshare company, no one wants a reckless driver in their system. If you get a warning, rectify your behavior immediately.

2. Poor driver ratings

Uber’s minimum required rating varies by city, but all drivers are encouraged to maintain at least an average of 4.6 over the 100 most recent trips.

Uber takes several measures to protect drivers against unfair low ratings:

  • When a rider provides lower than 5-star rating, they are required to provide a reason for doing so.
  • Riders are given simple definitions for what a 1,2,3,4,5 star would mean. It acts as a guide for them to judge the trip.
  • If the reason for the bad rating is something beyond your control, like congested traffic, then that rating will be excluded.
  • Ratings from passengers who have a pattern of giving low ratings to all drivers will be excluded.

When your ratings fall beyond the accepted threshold for your city, you will be given alerts along with trips to improve it. But if it still continues to fall, you will be deactivated.

3. Don’t be part of fraudulent trips

Be wary of scams where fraudsters spoof as genuine customers to trick the company out of cash or to get free rides by using hacked Uber accounts, multiple accounts or stolen credit card details. But sometimes the drivers are in it too. Take this incident:

My friend who volunteers for IDG was given another driver to make an appeal for. This was an Uber driver. The representative at the Uber Greenlight hub read a list of infractions and violations the driver had committed over the last three months. Then, he looked at the driver and said, “And on top of all that, the reason you will never be reactivated is that last month, you rang up $10,000 in fraud charges!”

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Uber had paid the driver around $10,000 for trips which they ultimately didn’t get paid because the passengers were using bad credit cards.

Fraudulent charges are usually from people who are using stolen credit cards. The cards are good when its first added as a payment method into the Uber app, but as soon as the bank discovers they were stolen, they withdraw any money that was sent to Uber’s account to reimburse the loss.

A typical driver is not going know whether a credit card is stolen. And if the average driver ever gets a fraudulent trip it’s normally going to be a normal ride at an average price. Uber may lose only $10 or $15. But, in this case, for a driver to have racked up $10,000 in these fraudulent trips means that he was doing many of these kinds of trips every week. He not only had to know, but he had to be in on it as well. So, this particular driver was permanently deactivated with no chance of appeal.

Uber doesn’t stand for fraudulent activity and sooner or later, you will be deactivated and the fare paid out will be adjusted to zero. If you receive a suspicious trip request, cancel it. If a rider keeps you with them several hours, making you drive around from one place to next, that’s a sign of a suspicious rider and you should contact support team right away.

4. Failing random background checks

New drivers are made to undergo a thorough criminal and motor vehicle background checks as part of their application process for a new account. Once approved, they can start driving right away.

Many drivers are under the assumption that once approved, they can drive for life. That was true until Uber got buried in scandals as a result of bad behaviors from their drivers. Now, Uber has decided to run an annual screening process which requires their driver partners to go through a yearly criminal background check. If you have recently incurred a felony charge or an infraction that would make you a high-risk driver for Uber, you will be deactivated.

5. Canceling too often

Uber understands that emergencies too happen which can cause last minute cancellations. But if it happens too often, then that’s a problem. Canceling ride requests damages Uber’s image. The riders keep waiting for the driver to show up only to realize that yet another driver canceled on them.

Cancellation rate is calculated based on the number of trips canceled divided by the number of trip requests accepted in the last 7 days. Every city has its own acceptable cancellation threshold, but in general, when yours get higher than the average of other drivers in your region, you risk deactivation. Try to keep your cancellation rate below 5 percent.

6. Letting your account go idle

Since Uber is filled with partners who drive for Uber as a side-gig, they understand that there are other areas in your life that need your attention and time. But they want drivers who are actively available to give rides to customers.

While Uber doesn’t require you to meet any specific ride quota, you should give at least one trip every one to two months to keep your account active. Many drivers leave for several months due to sickness or other problems only to find that Uber disabled their account. If that happens, contact the Uber help center immediately. Since deactivation due to inactivity is not as serious as one due to an infraction, you might be able to get your account activated. If you do plan on taking a break for a few months from Uber, notify them beforehand.

7. Giving pre-arranged trips

Pre-arranged trips are forbidden by Uber. Drivers are not allowed to talk to any passengers before a trip for the purpose of scheduling a pickup with them. This rule is to prevent drivers soliciting Uber passengers to become their private clients.

A quick search of a popular Uber driver forum reveals private trips are more common than you would expect

A quick search of a popular Uber driver forum reveals private trips are more common than you would expect.

The scenario works like this: You strike up a conversation with a passenger, and as you drop him off at a hotel, he mentions that he’s going to be leaving in the morning for the airport. You say, “Oh, why don’t you let me pick you up and we’ll do it through Uber.” The passenger agrees because they like you and they’d rather get you tomorrow than risk getting some unknown driver.

But, on his way to the airport, you keep talking and things become even friendlier between the two of you. Next thing you know the passenger says, “Hey, give me your phone number and I’ll call you next time I’m in town.” And that’s it! Uber loses this passenger anytime he’s back in town. That’s why Uber forbids pre-arranged trips.

If you’re engaging in fraudulent activities when driving, expect to get a message like this

If you’re engaging in fraudulent activities when driving, expect to get a message like this

Uber can tell if a trip is pre-arranged if the same passenger gets repeatedly picked up by the same driver (more than three times).

There are instances where you might randomly happen upon the same rider frequently. If you get deactivated because of this, contact Uber customer service immediately and tell them it was not a pre-arranged trip.

Our Take

Uber used to be quite lenient about reactivating suspended accounts. But now, they have adopted a pragmatic approach that involves gathering and scrutinizing evidence on case-by-case basis. They will not deactivate accounts without giving warnings first. If you get any alerts from Uber, immediately cease and desist from the activity or if you don’t know what the warning is about, contact Uber support immediately.

We asked, and you answered. Here are the results from our driver poll on Uber’s deactivation policy:

Did you get deactivated by Uber? What steps did you take to get reactivated? Let us know your experience by dropping a comment below.

(7 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)

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