Hp pavilion dv9000 драйвера windows 7

Название ноутбука
HP Pavilion dv9000 CTO
HP Pavilion dv9000ea
HP Pavilion dv9000t CTO
HP Pavilion dv9000z CTO
HP Pavilion dv9001ea
HP Pavilion dv9001tx
HP Pavilion dv9001xx
HP Pavilion dv9002ea
HP Pavilion dv9002nr
HP Pavilion dv9002tx
HP Pavilion dv9002xx
HP Pavilion dv9003ea
HP Pavilion dv9003tx
HP Pavilion dv9003xx
HP Pavilion dv9004eu
HP Pavilion dv9004tx
HP Pavilion dv9004xx
HP Pavilion dv9005ca
HP Pavilion dv9005ea
HP Pavilion dv9005tx
HP Pavilion dv9005us
HP Pavilion dv9005xx
HP Pavilion dv9006ea
HP Pavilion dv9006om
HP Pavilion dv9006tx
HP Pavilion dv9007tx
HP Pavilion dv9008ea
HP Pavilion dv9008nr
HP Pavilion dv9008tx
HP Pavilion dv9009ca
HP Pavilion dv9009cl
HP Pavilion dv9009nr
HP Pavilion dv9009tx
HP Pavilion dv9009us
HP Pavilion dv9010ca
HP Pavilion dv9010tx
HP Pavilion dv9010us
HP Pavilion dv9011tx
HP Pavilion dv9012tx
HP Pavilion dv9013ca
HP Pavilion dv9013cl
HP Pavilion dv9013tx
HP Pavilion dv9014ea
HP Pavilion dv9014tx
HP Pavilion dv9015ea
HP Pavilion dv9015tx
HP Pavilion dv9016ea
HP Pavilion dv9016tx
HP Pavilion dv9017ea
HP Pavilion dv9017tx
HP Pavilion dv9018ea
HP Pavilion dv9018tx
HP Pavilion dv9019ea
HP Pavilion dv9019tx
HP Pavilion dv9020tx
HP Pavilion dv9021tx
HP Pavilion dv9022ea
HP Pavilion dv9022tx
HP Pavilion dv9023us
HP Pavilion dv9024ea
HP Pavilion dv9030ea
HP Pavilion dv9030us
HP Pavilion dv9033cl
HP Pavilion dv9035ea
HP Pavilion dv9035nr
HP Pavilion dv9036ea
HP Pavilion dv9037ea
HP Pavilion dv9038ea
HP Pavilion dv9039ea
HP Pavilion dv9040ea
HP Pavilion dv9040eu
HP Pavilion dv9040us
HP Pavilion dv9041ea
HP Pavilion dv9042ea
HP Pavilion dv9043ea
HP Pavilion dv9044ea
HP Pavilion dv9045ea
HP Pavilion dv9046ea
HP Pavilion dv9047ea
HP Pavilion dv9048ea
HP Pavilion dv9049ea
HP Pavilion dv9050ea
HP Pavilion dv9051ea
HP Pavilion dv9052ea
HP Pavilion dv9053ea
HP Pavilion dv9054ea
HP Pavilion dv9055ea
HP Pavilion dv9056ea
HP Pavilion dv9057ea
HP Pavilion dv9058ea
HP Pavilion dv9059ea
HP Pavilion dv9060ea
HP Pavilion dv9060us
HP Pavilion dv9061ea
HP Pavilion dv9062ea
HP Pavilion dv9063ea
HP Pavilion dv9064ea
HP Pavilion dv9065ea
HP Pavilion dv9066ea
HP Pavilion dv9067ea
HP Pavilion dv9068ea
HP Pavilion dv9069ea
HP Pavilion dv9071ea
HP Pavilion dv9072ea
HP Pavilion dv9073ea
HP Pavilion dv9074cl
HP Pavilion dv9074ea
HP Pavilion dv9075ea
HP Pavilion dv9075eu
HP Pavilion dv9075la
HP Pavilion dv9076ea
HP Pavilion dv9076eu
HP Pavilion dv9077ea
HP Pavilion dv9077eu
HP Pavilion dv9078ea
HP Pavilion dv9079ea
HP Pavilion dv9080ea
HP Pavilion dv9081ea
HP Pavilion dv9082ea
HP Pavilion dv9082eu
HP Pavilion dv9083ea
HP Pavilion dv9084ea
HP Pavilion dv9085ea
HP Pavilion dv9085eu
HP Pavilion dv9086ea
HP Pavilion dv9087ea
HP Pavilion dv9088ea
HP Pavilion dv9089ea
HP Pavilion dv9090ea
HP Pavilion dv9091ea
HP Pavilion dv9092ea
HP Pavilion dv9093ea
HP Pavilion dv9093eu
HP Pavilion dv9094ea
HP Pavilion dv9095ea
HP Pavilion dv9095eu
HP Pavilion dv9095xx
HP Pavilion dv9096ea
HP Pavilion dv9096xx
HP Pavilion dv9097ea
HP Pavilion dv9097xx
HP Pavilion dv9098xx
HP Pavilion dv9099ea
HP Pavilion dv9099xx
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‎10-22-2009 08:21 AM

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I own a Pavilion dv9076eu laptop, which came with XP preinstalled. I’ve worked with XP (Pro x86) for a while, but then HP stopped updating it’s driver, so I moved to Vista (Ultimate x86).

I now want to move on to Windows 7 (x86, Pro or Ultimate).

Is there any chance that Windows 7 drivers will be released for my machine anytime in the future?

If not, can other O/S drivers be used with 7?

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Windows 7 drivers for Pavilion dv9000

‎10-22-2009 11:42 AM

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Windows 7 drivers for Pavilion dv9000

‎10-22-2009 11:57 AM – last edited on ‎04-18-2016 10:12 AM by OscarFuentes

HP does not plan to support the dv9000 series notebooks with Windows 7 drivers or software. See the statement here:

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Windows 7 drivers for Pavilion dv9000

‎10-22-2009 02:51 PM

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Windows 7 drivers for Pavilion dv9000

‎10-22-2009 05:36 PM

The notebook may be compatible with Windows 7 but still not supported by HP. HP won’t recommend it but if you decide to upgrade there may be ways to find the drivers you need. For one, Microsoft has included many more drivers in Windows 7 than previous OS releases. Windows Update may be able to provide what you are looking for. If it’s possible to ‘upgrade’ and not do a custom or clean installation then you’ll find that a lot of the Vista drivers will work in Windows 7. And if all else fails, this forum is available. Make recovery discs if you haven’t already.

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Windows 7 drivers for Pavilion dv9000

‎10-23-2009 03:23 AM

Hello Wes, and thanks for your replies.

I will try to install Win7 and hope for the best.

I checked laptopvideo2go and they still haven’t released Win7 drivers for my 7600go. I hope they will, soon.

I also read that 7 can take some Vista drivers, but I’ll have to try to find out which ones.

I’m no driver expert, but I can’t think of reason for a machine to not be compatible with an OS, apart of the need to write new drivers, compatible to that particular OS. Although almost 3 years old, my machine is well above the minimum required specs for 7 (upgraded to 2GB RAM and a 320gb 7200 HDD), and I wish that HP would internalize the fact that I’m (and a lot others are) still their customer, and that their lack of action towards making OS upgrade options will reduce the chance that I’ll purchase their wares in the future. I can relate to HP’s reluctance to support Ubuntu, as Microsoft has it’s long arm around many corporation’s neck, but this has nothing (as I see it) to do with Microsoft. This is pure greediness, that could make the opposite impact in the future.

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Again, thanks for your replies. I’ll post later to tell everyone how the migration process went.

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Windows 7 drivers for Pavilion dv9000

‎10-23-2009 08:52 AM

I actually have a dv9000 laptop myself so I was floored when I found out that HP would only support a few of the top laptop models for Windows 7 drivers. After doing alot of research and countless tinkering, I found the way to counteract at least one of the many woes many of you are feeling, updating NVIDIA GPU Drivers.

What I did was I went to HP’s support site and downloaded their softpaq solution including the NVIDIA drivers for Vista (in my case, the 64-bit version). When it tries to install, it will fail saying that the version of Windows you’re using is not Vista. By all means let it fail but don’t exit unless you do so by the installer. This is where the next part comes in.

Go to the Screen Resolution Settings under Display and click on Advanced Settings. At this point, it should show you the properties of your card starting on the Adapter tab. Click on Properties and then the Driver tab. At this point, click on the Update Driver button and then click on the "Browse my computer for driver software." For my software, I found it under "C:/swsetup/sp42365/WinVista64." If you remember which softpaq file you downloaded, finding your path should be a piece of cake. After all of that, it should finally recognize your video card and ask you to reboot. If you’re successful, you should be back at that 1400×900 resolution we all love.

I’ll keep researching to see if the other softpad drivers react the same. I wish that HP at least tells people about this option since it’s fairly easy to follow.

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