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The breeze fanned her hair.

Ветерок обдувал её волосы. ☰

The peacock fanned his tail.

Павлин раскрыл веером хвост. ☰

The little fire was fanned by a passing breeze to a lively flame.

Налетевший ветерок раздул небольшое пламя в яркий костёр. ☰

A fan of beams, issuing from the h >

Веер лучей, испускаемых заходящим солнцем, занял всё небо. ☰

If you’re a Billy Crystal fan, you’ll love this movie.

Если ты почитатель Билли Кристала, тебе понравится этот фильм. ☰

The book will serve to fan the flames of debate.

Данная книга ещё сильнее раздует пламя споров. ☰

He fanned himself with a newspaper while he waited for the bus.

Он обмахивался газетой, пока ждал автобус. ☰

Her resistance only fanned his desire.

От её сопротивления его желание стало только сильнее. ☰

The batter fanned on a curveball.

Отбивающий получил страйкаут, промахнувшись по кручёному мячу. ☰

Football fans began rioting in the streets.

Футбольные фанаты начали бесчинствовать на улицах. ☰

Fan the cards out, holding them together at the bottom, so that you can see each one.

Держи карты за низ, веером, так чтобы ты мог все их видеть. ☰

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He’s a big fan of Elvis Presley.

The pitcher has fanned six batters in the first three innings.

People in the audience were fanning themselves with their programmes.

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Fan — /fan, fahn/, n., pl. Fans, (esp. collectively) Fan. Fang. * * * I Rig >Universalium

Fan — or FANS may refer to the following: Ventilation A device to agitate or move air or other gasThe human powered Fan (implement) is a hand held implement used by waving it back and forth.Motor powered Fans: mechanical fans such as oscillating fans,… … Wikipedia

Fan — (f[a^]n), n. [AS. fann, fr. L. vannus fan, van for winnowing grain; cf. F. van. Cf. a winnowing machine, .] 1. An instrument used for producing artificial currents of air, by the wafting or revolving motion of a broad surface; as:… … The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

fan — [ fan ] n. • 1923, répandu apr. 1950; mot angl., abrév. de fanatic → fanatique (3o) ♦ Anglic. Jeune admirateur, jeune admiratrice enthousiaste (d une vedette de la chanson). Club des fans. Une fan d Elvis Presley. ⇒ groupie. ⊗ HOM. Fane. ● fan… … Encyclopédie Universelle

Fan Ye — (historien) Sommaire 1 Biographie 2 Sources 3 Voir aussi 3.1 Liens externes // … Wikipédia en Français

fan — fan1 [fan] n. [ME fanne < OE fann < L vannus, basket for winnowing grain < IE base * wē , to blow, flutter > WIND2, WINNOW] 1. Historical a device for winnowing grain 2. any device or machine used to set up a current of air for… … English World dictionary

fan — FAN, fani s.m. (livr.) Admirator entuziast, pasionat, al unei vedete, al unei mişcări artistice; simpatizant. – Din engl., fr. fan. Trimis de tavilis, 24.05.2002. Sursa: DEX 98  fan s. m., pl. fani Trimis de siveco, 10.08.2004. Sursa: Dicţionar… … Dicționar Român

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Fan — Fan, v. t. [imp. & p. p. ; p. pr. & vb. n. .] [Cf. OF. vanner, L. vannere. See , n., a winnowing machine.] 1. To move as with a fan. [1913 Webster] The air . . . fanned with unnumbered plumes. Milton. [1913 Webster] 2 … The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

Fan-in — is the number of inputs of an electronic logic gate. For instance the fan in for the AND gate shown below is 3. Logic gates with a large fan in tend to be slower than those with a small fan in, because the complexity of the input circuitry… … Wikipedia

Fan — Sm begeisterter Anhänger erw. fach. (20. Jh.) Kunstbildung. Entlehnt aus ne. fan, einer Kurzform von ne. fanatic, zu ne. fanatic Adj. schwärmend, eifernd , dieses aus l. fānāticus. Ebenso nndl. fan, ne. fan, nfrz. fan, nschw. fan, nnorw. fan.… … Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen sprache

Fan Ye — (chinesisch 范曄, W. G. Fan Yeh; * 398; † 445) war ein chinesischer Historiker, der das Buch der Späteren Han zusammenstellte. Fan Ye gehörte zum mittleren Beamtenstand der Liu Song Dynastie. Sein Großvater war Chef eines Verwaltungsbezirkes… … Deutsch Wikipedia

имя существительное

  • ventilator
  • blower
  • air conditioner


  • cool
  • aerate
  • ventilate
  • freshen
  • refresh

имя существительное

  • вентилятор fan ventilator blower blowhole
  • поклонник fan admirer suitor lover aficionado follower
  • веер fan
  • любитель amateur lover fan buff fancier dilettante
  • болельщик fan buff rooter aficionado addict
  • энтузиаст enthusiast fan devotee
  • опахало fan
  • лопасть blade vane paddle fan peel float
  • веялка fanner fan winnow
  • крыло ветряной мельницы fan whip sail sweep
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  • раздуть fan
  • раздувать blow up fan blow stir up distend foment
  • обмахивать fan brush away waff
  • разжигать foment fuel fan fire whip up whet
  • обвевать fan
  • овевать fan
  • веять winnow blow breeze fan whiff
  • развертывать веером fan fan out
  • освежать refresh freshen freshen up recreate refurnish fan
  • обыскивать search ransack frisk rummage go through fan
  • A simple and less draconian solution would be to install a duct in the ceiling with an extractor fan .
  • The farmer puts the unsorted grain and chaff into the basket, and shakes it until the lighter chaff is propelled over the fan ‘s lip, while the heavier grain remains inside.
  • Also a 120 mm fan will be a lot quieter then an 80 mm fan moving the same amount of air.
  • Then it stood tall, unfolding its wings to their full fan of circle and began to shimmer the wing feathers, so that they scattered sunlight like jewels.
  • Iraeli-Palestinian problems are likely also to increase, which will fan the resistance fires even more.

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