I have been researching this issue for days now, pulling my hair out. Another thread that most accurately describes my issue is here, but the suggested solution did not work for me.

I’m creating a cross-platform mobile app using Xamarin Forms, and I am trying to integrate Facebook Login as my means of user authentication. I’m presenting the login page modally, rendering the page in a platform specific manner in each of the mobile platform projects, and using the Xamarin.Auth API to handle the bulk of the authentication. The following snippit is from the Android implementaiton:

This is the boiler-plate code that basically every online example gives, and should present a Facebook Login page. However, after clicking my Login with Facebook button, which should push the rendered page modally, all I get is this:

"Not logged in: You are not logged in. Please login and try again."

I have double and triple checked that the clientId parameter matches my Facebook App ID on my Facebook Developer Console. I have made sure that the redirect and authorization URIs supplied to the OAuth2Authenticator object are correct. I have added the redirect URI to my Facebook Developer Console. My development keyhash, found using keytool and openssl is also correct. My package name and class name (package.name.MainActivity) are also correct in the console (the package name in my project was set manually by double-clicking the Android project, going to ‘Android Manifest’, and putting in my own package name). I have removed and readded the Android project from the Facebook Developer Console several times over.

My question is, are there any other steps specific to the Xamarin platform that I may be missing here? I really don’t know what the error seems to be. I’d appreciate any help/input on the matter.

Первая позиция:
1. Единица означает, что команда принята к выполнению но ещё не завершена
2. Двойка означает, что выполнение команды успешно завершено
3. Тройка говорит о том, что команда принята и ожидается какая-либо дополнительная команда
4. Четверка говорит о том, что в данный момент команда выполнена быть не может
5. Пятерка означает принципиальную невозможность выполнения команды

Вторая позиция
1. Ноль соответствует синтаксической ошибке
2. Единица соответствует информационному сообщению
3. Двойка говорит о том, что сообщение относится либо к управляющему соединению, либо к соединению данных
4. Тройка соответствует сообщениям об аутентификации пользователя и его правах
5. Значение четверки не определено
6. Пятерка соответствует сообщению о состоянии файловой системы

Третья позиция
1. Третья цифра окончательно специфицирует ошибку.

I have scenario File —> PI with content conversion. In the data type it is specified that certain fields are mandatory. So when tested:

1) If the file has values for all mandatory fields, no problem, I see all logs in MONI, RMB.

2) If the file doesn’t have value for any mandatory field, nothing can be monitored. No log in MONI, RWB, message monitoring or CC monitoring. However the source file got deleted (I specify to delete the file once processed)

My questions, why the error in the case 2) not logged? or there is some other place to see the log information. Obviously PI processed the file and knew the file lacked of mandatory field, so it should be able to log the error, but just can’t see any in RWB.

So to generalize it, if source message’s format is NOT in accordance with the data type definition, where to monitor such messaging? (for other adapters like HTTP, JMS, etc.)

It is also unacceptable that PI deletes the source file making it look like successfully processed.