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Link For WIFI Solution " For Download

here i show how to fix wireless capability is turned off if driver is ok
this mostly issue in laptop.

Using the Windows 7 troubleshooter right-click on networking tray icon troubleshoot detects the issue & correctly fixes it every time, but it takes a few minutes. I know what the resolution is & am wondering if there is a way to quickly enable wireless networking in Win7

While playing games on my pc, I encountered no problems whatsoever, no lagging on high graphic settings. But while playing d same game a while ago, my monitor flashed a quick blue and restart my system.

It showed d black booting screen before it showed this msg on d black screen:

"Verifying DMI Pool Data

Warning: EES is turned off!! Please use EES application to turn it on again. Press any key to continue:"

Nothing I press on keyboard works. I tried pressing restart button on my casing, turn off main plug, turn it back on, & while booting, I STILL got dat EES msg!

I’m using (juz bought this pc a few days ago):

Core 2 Duo E7400 2.8ghz

Gigabyte G31M Mobo

Corsair 2gb RAM

Gigabyte 9500GT 1gb DDR3

Acer LCD screen

What’s EES application? How can I turn it on?? Appreciate any help! Thanks!


When i boot my computer today, i had encounter one waring from booting message and stop process untill i press any key. What wrong with my computer? Here is the warning message

“Warning: DES is turned off. Please use DES application to turn it on again!”
“Press any key to continue..”

My motherboard is Gigabyte EP45-UD3P.


DES is stands for ‘Dynamic Energy Saver‘ in Gigabyte motherboard term, usually it bundle in our Gigabyte motherboard CD. After we installed the Dynamic Energy Saver software from CD and turn it off. High chance we will encounter this warning message. The solution is easy, just enable the Dynamic Energy Saver software and the warning message will gone.

Dynamic Energy Saver can be acccess from Start –> All Programs –> Gigabyte –> EnergySaver