I’m testing on Delphi 2007 and my groupproject is composed by 2 packages.


It’s marked as "runtime only" and contains a unit named "uMyTestRun.pas" in which is defined an empty TFrame descendant:


It requires PackageRun.bpl, it’s marked as "designtime only" and contains a unit named "uMyTestDes.pas" in which I wrote the following code:

Output directories of both packages are in Library paths (Inside there are bpl, dcp and dcu).

Trying to install PackageDes.bpl (Component, Install Packages. Add. ), I’m getting the following error:

Can’t load package C: PackageDes.bpl. Impossibile trovare il modulo specificato.

The last part of the message is in my OS’s language, in english it should be something like "Can’t find specified module". (My OS is Windows 10 Pro 64bit).

PackageDes.bpl is exactly in the same path shown in the error message (C: PackageDes.bpl). After some tests, I found that the error disappear by removing the following line from uMyTestDes.pas unit:

Is there something wrong in my code/projects/environment?

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Run Process Monitor from http://SysInternals.com and set the filters to intercept only file operations ( toolbar rightmost buttons ) of your Delphi IDE process (check the process name in TaskManager or shortcut properties (it is bds.exe for Delphi XE2), then add the filter similar to Include / Process Name / Ends With / bds.exe ).

Then clear the log in PM, switch to Delphi and try to load the package, then as soon as error pops up switch back to PM and stop capturing events. Try to do it fast as you can, for example do not waste your time closing error box.

Now you would get a trace of file I/O activity of Delphi loading the package of yours (and some other background activity noise — the faster you do the less noise there’d be). In that trace look for all the errors and see where and which package Delphi tries to find.

You can also try Microsoft Dependency Walker or similar tools to se if your Design-Time BPL has all the DLL-dependency tree resolvable. Personally I usually use Unreal/Total commander with FileInfo plugin or ntCore CFF Explorer.

I am using a set of libraries like this:

MyVCLs.dpk -> using ThirdPartyPackages
MyDnaPkg.dpk -> using ThirdPartyPackages

All packages contains visual components.
All packages are compiled and installed.
However, sometimes when I load MyDnaPkg.dpk and try to build it, Delphi tells me:

Delphi 7: delphi32.exe — Unable To Locate Component. This application has failed to start because MyVCLs.bpl was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem
followed by
Can’t load package c:program filesorlanddelphi7Proj ectsBplM yDnaPkg.bp l. The specified module could not be found
and then
Package c:program filesorlanddelphi7Proj ectsBplM yDnaPkg.bp l could not be installed after rebuilding.
The following component(s) are no longer registered: xx, yy, zz, blabla

At this moment, if I try again, I can re-build and instal the VCL/components.
Basically it toggles between two states: is the package is installed, then ‘Build’ or ‘Install’ un-installs the VCL. If the VCL is un-installed, ‘Install’ installs the VCL.

При компиляции пишет мне unit not found system.pas or binary eqivalent

Как могло стандартного то модуля не быть.
Народ подскажите плиз , чтобы нескачать чегонибудь не то ,можите дать провереную ссылку или выложить лучше сюда, если конечно возможно.

Да, просто делфи плохо — вот и всё. Такое обычно бывает, если решили поставить какую-то иную делфи от той что была, или поставили поверх, или в реестре куча гавна осталась от предыдущей установки(да, делфи этим болеет, так видимо до скончания времён не исправят). И как вариант, запустили не от имени администратора, в этом случае может быть что угодно.

P.S. нельзя так просто взять и переустановить делфи
P.P.S. честн слово ещё не разу без приключений не обошлось

Цитата (supervladislav @ 7.9.2012, 19:01 )
Народ ктонибудь мог бы выложить модуль system.pas слёзно умоляю.

Если делфа старая, то добро пожаловать в мир больших приключений.
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Делаете перезагруз и по новой устанавливаете. Устанавливать естесно с правами админа и с дистрибутива в котором вы уверены.

Если всё сделаете верно, то проблем не будет.