I use fabric crashlytics in my application and it works fine when com.android.tools.build:gradle is 3.2.1, until I update it to 3.3.0.

Now I meet the ‘Crashlytics could not find the manifest’, and find out that there is no AndroidManifest.xml created in build/intermediates/merged_manifest/. /merged. I’ve read this this and this, but did not solve my problem. How do I fix it? Thanks.

Here is the lib.gradle

And here is the project gradle

And this is the error:

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Have you tried configuring everything exactly as required for a Crashlytics setup with a library module and a base project? It seems the new Gradle plugin doesn’t work if the setup is different from the one recommended here.

For me removing " apply plugin: ‘io.fabric’ " from the library’s build.gradle file (but leaving it in the application build.gradle) solved this error.

I’ve got a fix for this while keeping Crashlytics dependencies out of the app module, but it’s very hacky.

From what I can tell the io.fabric plugin primarily exists to generate a build ID for crashlytics, which is important to the Fabric platform but goes unused for Firebase. This, I assume, is vestigial functionality that will eventually be removed when Crashlytics completes its migration to Firebase, but in the meantime it’s quite necessary simply because Crashlytics checks for it and crashes your app if it’s not there.

So, I simply created a useless dummy build ID and removed all mention of the ui.fabric plugin from my modules, and it works! My code compiles and reports crashes to the firebase console as it did previously, and I can update to android gradle plugin v3.3.0+ with no issues.

The specific steps I took were:

Add this to the main/res/values.xml file in the module that uses crashlytics:

And remove all usages of the io.fabric gradle plugin, as well as the classpath dependency on the gradle plugin (as you no longer use it).

Note that, as I said, this is very hacky. I’d suggest testing this thoroughly if you take this approach for your project. There might be some functionality that does still use the build ID and this would cause it to break.

EDIT: after further investigation I believe that doing this will prevent crashlytics from uploading your mapping file, which means you will have to manually deobfuscate stack traces. This is still an option at least, but does seem to have drawbacks. Also worth noting that you can also simply use:

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        User Info: AngusYoung93

        User Info: AngusYoung93

        I don’t understand how you can’t manage to install the children patch. You just unzip it and put the contents in your Fallout folder.

        As for the NPC mod, what files are in there?

        User Info: superdragon4evr

        User Info: superdragon4evr

        there is also a file in the childrens patch called falloutw, and has a picture of a guys face on it. When I double click it, it says

        Could not find the master datafile. Please make sure the fallout cd is in the drive and that you are running fallout from the directory you installed it too.

        The cd is in the drive, and I don’t understand the second part.

        User Info: AngusYoung93

        falloutw goes in the Fallout folder. Same as everything else. The reason it gives you that error is because you didn’t follow the instructions and put it in your Fallout folder.

        As for the NPC mod, you should be using this one:
        http://nma-fallout.com/forum/dload.php?action=file&file_ >
        and all you have to do is put that in your Fallout folder.

        I’m not trying to sound like a jackass, but I seriously don’t know how you’re having this much trouble. You’re just dragging and dropping a few files into your Fallout directory and making your shortcut point to falloutw.exe rather than fallout.exe

        User Info: AngusYoung93

        oh, and I just looked in the unzipped NPC mod folder.

        It only has one folder, titled DATA.