Could not create output file project1 exe

Проверял. Она точно не запущена.Только не пробовал пока перезагружаться.

Попробуйте вручную создать любой файл в D:Programsprogramma

Ищи, кто хватает твой файл (ProcessExplorer’ом например). Может у тебя вирь на машине, заражающий exe-шники.

Я угадаю эту фигню с семи подсказок. полные права на каталоги есть у локального администратора, но дельфи работает от имени другой (ограниченной) учетки?

Такое было, если в логе еще присутсвовала запись о том, что лицензия истекла


I’m unable to run Delphi 7 on Windows 7. The following error is displayed:

Fatal Error: Could not create output file ‘C:Program FilesBorlandDelphi7ProjectsProject1.exe’


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.


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So for some time now I keep having this problem:

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on windows 7 (64bit), with Delphi 7 and Delphi XE2, if from within the IDE, I compile a program, run it, stop it, change it and rerun it I get this error message:

[Fatal Error] Cannot create output file "project1.exe"

I have no clue to what causes this. I googled for more information, but I could not find a solution.

There are two workarounds: either wait a minute or two, or delete project1.exe manually. Needless to say, this is unworkable.

I do not have a virus scanner, and no virus. Have full access to related folders. Run everything as Administrator.

So what causes this? And what can I do to fix it?

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I found the solution. It appears that disabling the service "Application Experience" caused this. When disabled the task "system" will lock "any" executable for some time.

Re-enabling "Application Experience" is the solution.

I have the feeling that when you try to rebuild the application, project1.exe is still running. Maybe it takes longer than it should to close. You can easily check by opening Task Manager and see if the process project1.exe is still active after you close the application.

I’m on XE7 and occasionally experience the "Could not create output file" problem, f2039. Using sysinternals’ Process Explorer, I discovered an android debug process (adb.exe) had a lien on the compiled binary. Not sure why; there’s no android config in this particular win32 project I’m building. Anyway, killed adb.exe and all was good thereafter.

Some points. The target output directories were never being indexed. "Application Experience" mentioned elsewhere in this thread was running the entire time. And most of the time, I could manually delete the output binary despite XE7’s complaints. I noticed at one point, however, I could not delete the binary via the shell which provided the opportunity to locate the offending adb.exe via Process Explorer.

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Try removing Castalia if you are using it. I spent 3 days trying to solve this problem, everything I could think of. file permissions, watching the file handles with process explorer. If I install Castalia 2013.3.4, the problem happens (I have steps to reproduce), and uninstalling it makes the problem go away.

Additionally, the IDE will crash if you have a ‘default debug desktop’ set, and try to run under the debugger using any other saved layout. (crash happens on the switch to the debug desktop).

I right clicked the application (in the project group window) and then selected CLEAN.

I was then able to compile the application.

I faced the same problem and I solved it . It seems that in some unknown cases the exe application remains running .
The solution is simple . You must just follow the following steps :

  1. open the windows task manager
  2. Go to the ‘Processes’ tab
  3. click on the ‘Show processes from all users’ and Your exe will appear
  4. Choose it and press the ‘End Process’ button

And everything will be alright.

In my case Problem solved by excluding project folder from antivirus real time protection.

Can you delete EXE file manually?If no , proccess is in memroy , Open task manager ,select your project, END task . you have some bug in code that prevents application terminate.

If it is not in process list , Then Try :

1-exclude folder from windows Indexing or 3rd party file search applications that index files

2-In windows seven activate application experince service

3-Exclude project folder from Anti virus realtime protection

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